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About Adam K. Smith

Success came early for Adam K. Smith, who has worked in the dental profession for more than three decades. He launched a practice in New York in 1983, where he draws on his exceptional education and training to treat families in the Bronx and Manhattan. The New York College of Dentistry granted Adam K. Smith his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1978. The institution is known as the first to establish individual departments for endodontics and implant surgery, both services that Adam K. Smith would specialize in. Adam K. Smith went on to become one of the first forensic dentistry students at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Adam K. Smith trained as a blood-gas technician during college at Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospital, and for four years, he worked as a night tech. After college, he worked with the U.S. Public Health Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for two years, as a dentist in the coast guard. At his offices, Adam K. Smith cares for and educates patients while running his business. Services include cosmetic dentistry, tooth extractions, implants, and restorations. The practice’s web site offers a wide variety of multimedia presentations and literature to educate patients on dental care and procedures. On his web site, Adam K. Smith promotes preventive medicine and puts to rest some questions and fears about treatment. As a member of American Dental Association, Adam K. Smith represents the world’s oldest and largest dental professional association. He also holds membership in the world’s second-largest dental association, the Academy of General Dentistry. Away from practicing dentistry, Adam K. Smith enjoys airplanes and motorcycles.

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