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U.S. Oral Health on Upward Trend By Adam K. Smith, DDS

June 27, 2013

Americans are keeping their natural teeth longer and generally report good oral health, according to a study by the Aquafresh Science Academy. The study looked at oral health trends over the past five years.

A number of factors appear to play a role in the general improvement in oral health, the article said. These include better education, improved standards of dental care, new products, and fluoride in the water system and some brands of toothpaste.

In addition to these factors, studies find that the recent move toward preventive dental care has had an even bigger impact on improved oral health. Beginning oral education at younger ages has helped reduce the need for false teeth and extractions later in life.

The study also found that Americans tend to equate good oral health with good health overall, as well as with self-esteem. Many Americans regard poor oral hygiene as a symptom of general disregard for personal hygiene. It is also seen as tremendously embarrassing.

About the author: A graduate of the NYU College of Dentistry, Adam K. Smith heads his own private dental practice in New York City.


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