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The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

November 24, 2012

Growing in popularity, whitening is a quick fix to dull teeth. Dentists, such as Adam K. Smith, offer a number of techniques to produce a whiter, brighter smile both in-office and at-home. However, learning the pros and cons of the procedure beforehand will benefit patients in making the best decision for themselves.

Whitening is a simple method to brighten dull and stained teeth. Often times, whiter teeth are associated with a healthier lifestyle. The treatment is used to increase confidence, take attention away from signs of aging, and facilitate a friendly appearance. The procedure itself consists of either wearing customized trays filled with whitening gel for as little as an hour a day at home, or a stronger gel treatment in-office.

While a brilliant white smile is desirable, there are some points to consider before deciding upon a whitening treatment. The bleaching chemical can cause sore teeth and gums, and result in a sensitivity to hot and cold foods. However, the discomfort usually ends when the bleaching is discontinued, and normal eating habits can resume. Teeth whitening can also be expensive depending upon which treatment is used; therefore it is important to be educated on the prices of each technique.

Teeth whitening procedures usually produce exceptional results in a short time, but it must be done continuously to maintain the brightest smile possible. Dentists, like Adam K. Smith, typically offer more than one whitening option. Having a conversation with your dentist about desired outcomes and concerns is the best place to start in the quest for whiter teeth.


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